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Soccer Try Outs

The soccer season had finished and now the coaches are going to cut half the team. By cut I don’t mean physically cutting anybody, I mean only keeping half the team. So if players want to make it we will have to step up the intensity. This year in selects the team will get to […]

When I grow up I want to be…

A professional soccer player, but let’s face it that dream probably won’t come true (I’m not trying to be negative or any thing but really, not many people become professional soccer players). If I was to become a pro I would have to practice a ton every day so I would get better and better. […]

Arts Umbrella

Hi Readers, Over the last couple of weeks our class has been taking part in a program called Arts Umbrella. We had teachers from Arts Umbrella come to our class, their names were Josh and Franziska. I wasn’t to big on the whole art idea because art is not one of my favourite subjects, but […]

Blogging Challenge

Hi Classmates, As you know I have an extra free twelve month blogging subscription. I decided to create a challenge so I know who to give the subscription to. You must write a post on something that is your favourite, for example favourite food, favourite place, favourite thing to do. Leave a comment on my […]

Results for Sports Survey

Hi Readers, A couple weeks a go a published a survey on my blog and now I am going to give the results. TheĀ favorite soccer team was Manchester United The favorite national soccer team was Brazil The favorite basketball team was the Boston Celtics The favorite national basketball team was (the dream team) Team USA […]

And the MVP Award goes to…

Lebron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Kobe Bryant was second and Dwayne Wade finished third. During the regular season Lebron (King) James averages 28.4 points per game just behind the leading scorer (and my favourite player) Dwayne Wade with 30.2 points per game. Lebron’s team, the Cavs finished first after the regular season and are […]

What is it like in a Canadian Courtroom?

Entering a Courtroom… Before entering the courtroom all people involved must go through a security check were police officer will check I.D. and check all clothing for weapons or firearms. When the accused enters the courtroom he is probably thinking ( if he is guilty) “Oh I hope I get off cleanly, I don’t want […]

Whaling Project

One of our assignment in our class was to make a project for the heritage fair that relates to Canadian history. I did my project on my grandfather (a whaler). I wrote about how he worked at the last whaling station in Canada and all sorts of other things. You might be wondering what whaling […]