Uefa Champions League Final



The matchup that everyone was waiting for the defending champions Manchester United vs FC Barcelona who has won the championship two out of the last three times. To start off the game both clubs had a lot of chances then finally Samuel Eto’o carved around a defender with a beautiful move and found the back of the net. To start the second half same thing as the starting of the first, lots of chances for both teams especially Manchester in the beginning but unfortunately they just couldn’t finish. And then to “put the game in the bag” an absolutely sensational pin point cross from Xavi was sent to Barcelona star Lionel Messi who finished it with an even more amazing play after scoring on a header. The final score was 2-0

So Manchester had lost there chance of becoming the first team to defend the title in the Uefa Champions League and Barcelona had capitalized on there chance to be the first Spanish league to complete the treble (league champions, cup play champions and Uefa Champions League winners) in one season.

Can’t wait until next years finals and I will probably write a post about it. Leave a comment and tell me you you were going for? I have to be honest, I was going for Manchester.

Photos by azote (Cristiano Ronaldo) and prettyfriendship (Lionel Messi)

An interesting year indeed

This year lots of stuff happened in school. Like our Hornby Island camping trip which I wrote a post about around the beginning of the year. That experience help build a great classroom community between ourselves as classmates and that has carried through the year. The same goes with blogging because we all comment on each others blogs and write posts for our classmates to read. We also all share ideas through blogging.

Events we did this year to help our classroom community were-

  • Hornby Camp
  • Christmas Musical
  • Spring Musical
  • Track and Field
  • Blogging
  • Halloween Party
  • Christmas Gift Exchange

What fun events did your class do this year? Leave a comment and let me know.

Photo by, Olli A

And the winner to the blogging challenge is…

Drum role please… well I could tell you now but I would rather tell you in the next sentence so here it is… do I have to tell you now, no, OK the winner after a long thought through decision is… Oh, oh it’s on the tip of my tongue. Never mind enough of the silly business the actual winner is… Brianne from “The Chef’s Lounge”

Congratulations Brianne you will recieve a 12 month free blogging subscription as her prize.

Brianne you need to leave a comment on this post and let me know if you want the prize then I can place it on your blog.

Soccer Try Outs

The soccer season had finished and now the coaches are going to cut half the team. By cut I don’t mean physically cutting anybody, I mean only keeping half the team. So if players want to make it we will have to step up the intensity. This year in selects the team will get to enter the provincials (if we qualify) and travel all over the place to play other great soccer teams. I really hope I make the team.

Leave a comment and let me know about any teams you want to tryout for. Also where do you travel on your select teams?

Photo by, Jim Rees

When I grow up I want to be…

A professional soccer player, but let’s face it that dream probably won’t come true (I’m not trying to be negative or any thing but really, not many people become professional soccer players). If I was to become a pro I would have to practice a ton every day so I would get better and better.

My alternative job choice would be an athletes “Agent” because you would get to ravel everywhere and meet all the players that play the game at a professional level. Also agents usually become friends with their clients so I would probably be friends with an insanely awesome athlete.

My third choice would have to be a lawyer (or attorney as the Americans say it). The reason is I just love to argue. I have always had a problem with talking back to my dad and I will argue something even if I know I’m wrong just to make the other person think I’m right. Sounds kind of weird but not to me. One of the downsides about being a lawyer is if you are trying to defend someone who you know is guilty, that would probably make me think I am a criminal as well. So I would like to be the type of lawyer that sues people!

Know that you have read this post right your own post or leave a comment about what you want to bewhen you grow up.

By the way I got the idea for this post from Chelsea’s post

Photo by, Claire Dancer

Arts Umbrella

Hi Readers,

Over the last couple of weeks our class has been taking part in a program called Arts Umbrella. We had teachers from Arts Umbrella come to our class, their names were Josh and Franziska. I wasn’t to big on the whole art idea because art is not one of my favourite subjects, but I found out we were doing a different kind of art. We used a program called Glocal. Glocal software allows users to make abstract and creative art through photos and technology. The way I made this picture was by using the Glocal software if you hadn’t already guessed. I plugged in a mini camera web cam. I set the grid to 4 by 4 and put a bigger border in just by the click of a few buttons, then I pressed the space bar and the photo was created. Your probably wondering what is in this picture, it is an electricity kit that was in our classroom because we had to use objects that were in our classroom or the computer lab. By the way some of the boxes are supposed to be blurry because I wanted the image to be abstract. The clear parts in my image reminds me of packaged unhealthy T.V. dinners. One thing I like about the image is that it is very colourful and it leaves the observer guessing what is in the image unless of course I was to spill the secret which I already did earlier in the post.

Leave a comment and tell me what you think about Arts Umbrella, Glocal and my image.

t38 Letter H a N K 

Pastry Cutter Yletter O  U  Josh and Franziska

Blogging Challenge

Hi Classmates,

As you know I have an extra free twelve month blogging subscription. I decided to create a challenge so I know who to give the subscription to.

You must write a post on something that is your favourite, for example favourite food, favourite place, favourite thing to do. Leave a comment on my blog once your done so I can check your post.

The due date is June 1st  The winner will be the participant who writes the most entertaining blog post.

The challenge is only for my class. Have fun and be creative.

Results for Sports Survey

Hi Readers,

A couple weeks a go a published a survey on my blog and now I am going to give the results.

  1. The favorite soccer team was Manchester United
  2. The favorite national soccer team was Brazil
  3. The favorite basketball team was the Boston Celtics
  4. The favorite national basketball team was (the dream team) Team USA
  5. The favorite soccer player was Cristiano Ronaldo
  6. The favorite basketball player was Dwayne Wade
  7. And voters thought Vancouver was going to win the Stanley Cup but unfortunately for those voters the Canucks are already out of the playoffs.

Photo by, K.Suzuki

And the MVP Award goes to…

Lebron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Kobe Bryant was second and Dwayne Wade finished third. During the regular season Lebron (King) James averages 28.4 points per game just behind the leading scorer (and my favourite player) Dwayne Wade with 30.2 points per game. Lebron’s team, the Cavs finished first after the regular season and are still undefeated through the playoffs. Mostly because Lebron James is averaging 31.5 points per game so far in the playoffs. This is Lebrons first MVP award. For info on previous MVP award winners click here.

Photo by- Keith Allison

What is it like in a Canadian Courtroom?

Entering a Courtroom…

Before entering the courtroom all people involved must go through a security check were police officer will check I.D. and check all clothing for weapons or firearms. When the accused enters the courtroom he is probably thinking ( if he is guilty) “Oh I hope I get off cleanly, I don’t want to go to jail for the rest of my life” (If he is innocent) “This is rediculous, I never did anything… life can be so unfair”

What is done to make the process of justice fair?

One thing that makes the process of justice fair is that “the accused” is innocent until proven guilty. If things did not work this way someone could accuse another person falsely and the accused may have nothing to prove their innocence. The courtroom is accessible to disabled or wheelchair witnesses which allows them to take part as well. A native worker is allowed in a courtroom (if there is a aboriginal in part of the process) to assure that their culture is not offended and everything flows smoothly for that person. The judge must listen to everything both parties have to say. Members of the jury must not have a criminal record and must not know anyway accusing or being accused. Witnesses must swear an oath of truth before speaking.

Jobs in a courtroom

  • The Judge- The Judge must listen to everything the crown prosecutor, defendant lawyer and the witnesses have to say. In some cases the judge must make the decision on whether the defendant is innocent or guilty and what their sentence will be, but sometimes the jury will decide. The Judge must be able to keep peace in the courtroom and be able to make a fir decision to the best of his ability.
  • Court Clerk-A Court Clerk must ask witnesses to swear oath, call people up to speak and assist judge in other matters depending on the situation.
  • Crown Prosecutor- The Crown Prosecutor (lawyer) represents the society, prevents important evidence and in some cases decides which witnesses to call up to speak. The Crown Prosecutor must also address the charges they are attempting to place on the accused, whoever that may be.
  • Investigating Officer- The Investigating Officer is the police officer that gathered evidence and/or found the accused commiting a crime. The Investigating officer will explain the case to the Crown Prosecutor who will then take the case to court.
  • Court Reporter- A Court Reporter is like a newspaper reporter accept for court cases. The reporter is not allowed pictures and is sometimes not allowed to publicise the accused name depending on the Judges decision.
  • Defence Lawyer- The Defence Lawyer (defendant) works for the accused and speaks for the accused in an attempt at maintaining his clients innocence. The Defence Lawyer must be able to stay calm and should be clever and convincing. Also The defendant should be good at arguing.
  • The Press- The press records (usually by typing) everything said during court. Usually not allowed to speak or interupt.
  • Court Officer- The Court Officer (Sherrif/Police Officer) escorts the accused in, if the accused is in custody, The Court Officer is responsible for everybody’s safety.
  • Witness- A Witness is a person who knows something important about the case and is invited by someone involved to share information. The witness must sware an oath on the bible (or not on the bible if they aren’t religious) to tell the truth before they share any information or speak what so ever.

Main Source- Court Prep Site