Arts Umbrella

Hi Readers,

Over the last couple of weeks our class has been taking part in a program called Arts Umbrella. We had teachers from Arts Umbrella come to our class, their names were Josh and Franziska. I wasn’t to big on the whole art idea because art is not one of my favourite subjects, but I found out we were doing a different kind of art. We used a program called Glocal. Glocal software allows users to make abstract and creative art through photos and technology. The way I made this picture was by using the Glocal software if you hadn’t already guessed. I plugged in a mini camera web cam. I set the grid to 4 by 4 and put a bigger border in just by the click of a few buttons, then I pressed the space bar and the photo was created. Your probably wondering what is in this picture, it is an electricity kit that was in our classroom because we had to use objects that were in our classroom or the computer lab. By the way some of the boxes are supposed to be blurry because I wanted the image to be abstract. The clear parts in my image reminds me of packaged unhealthy T.V. dinners. One thing I like about the image is that it is very colourful and it leaves the observer guessing what is in the image unless of course I was to spill the secret which I already did earlier in the post.

Leave a comment and tell me what you think about Arts Umbrella, Glocal and my image.

t38 Letter H a N K 

Pastry Cutter Yletter O  U  Josh and Franziska